Royal Welsh Winners

Friars Still my Sunshine three times winner
Friars Sarah twice winner
Friars Sidan
Friars Selena
Friars Posy three times winner
Friars Goldilocks twice winner
Friars Armani 1st & res youngstock champion
Friars Lleucu Llwyd twice winner
Friars Rupertino winner as a yearling
Friars Superted three times winner
Friars Queen of Hearts twice winner
Friars Supertramp winner
Friars Mon a Mi
Friars Donnatella winner
Friars Diamond Wedding winner & youngstock champion
Friars Bonheddwr twice winner & male champion

There have been over 50 first prizes won at the Royal Welsh Show over the years the photos of some are included below

Neuaddparc Black lace winner 4 times
Neuadparc Rowena winner and champion
Neuaddparc Welsh Maid three times winner
Neuaddparc Heidi
Neuaddparc Eclipse and champion welsh ridden
Neuaddparc Gucci twice winner
Neuaddparc Lili ddu
Neuaddparc Anthem
Friars Sweet Rose
Friars Sunshine
Friars Jackpot
Neuaddparc Gwyn
Neuaddparc Honey Bear twice
Neuaddparc The Mistress
Neuaddparc Empress
Friars King of Dreamson

Neuaddparc Welsh Anthem


We have had great success at the Royal Welsh Winter Fair as well

Friars True Love champion
Friars Still my Shadow champion
Friars Still my Sunshine reserve champion
Friars Lady in Gold
Neuaddparc Anthem

Neuaddparc Welsh Maid